Napalm To Posers

by Türböwitch

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The full-length debut of Hungarian speedscum bastards Türböwitch. Enjoy or die!


released June 12, 2017


Kommandante Klit - Guitars & Vocals
Zslöd - Lead Vocals
D-Pete - Drums
Mr. Fireball - Guitars
Trve Sörvivor - Bass

Recorded in TourChuck Studios/The Slaughterhouse in April/May 2017
Engineers: Adam Malcsiner, Peter Lipak
Mixed & Mastered by Türböwitch
Artwörk by Türböwitch



all rights reserved


Türböwitch Budapest, Hungary

Formed in 2016, Türböwitch is worshipping booze, the 80's and the true spirit of Punk, where nothing is taboo or sacred. If you don't like it, go fuck yourself.

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Track Name: Budapest 666
Annihilate the capital
With satanic spell
We are the evil,
Raising some hell
Trashing every street, beating up posers
We rule this fucking city,
The infernal boozers

Budapest 666 all hail
Worship satan every day
Destroying with black and roll
If you don't support us die you whore

Unleash terror in the night
Your nightmare comes true
If you face us, prepare for a fight
We dismember you
Blood flows in the Danube
The Chain Bridge crumbles down
Wanker heads are rolling
When the legions are in town

Budapest 666 all hail
Worship satan every day
Destroying with black and roll
If you don't support us die you whore

You fucking whore
Track Name: Steamcunts
There's no punk at all
In anything you do,
The cons you visit
Are just as lame as you
Fuck your goggles,
your victorian dress
Shove that fucking gear deep up your ass

Steam fucking cunts
The only true magic is black magic!

You hat-wearing
Loudmouth fucktards
You think you're oldschool
But you're just clowns.
The shit you weld are
The most metal in your life
Time is close when your throats
Will meet my knife!
Track Name: Bombs Not Food
You're speaking of rebellion
While serving the elite
You think you'll change the world
Well, no one gives a shit
You bash supremacism
Stating we're equal
Yet you're still acting like
You stand above us all

Bombs not food
Fuck your hypocrisy
Bombs not food
Fuck your dirty lies
Bombs not food
Fuck your activism
Bombs not food
Get a fucking life

Bully everyone
Who thinks differently
You are what you oppose
Can't you fucking see?

We've nothing in common so
Why’d you give a fuck?
No one ever asked you
So just shut the fuck up
Track Name: Napalm To Posers
They are so fake
Their life is a lie
Pathetic wannabees
All deserve to die
Bash in their heads
Until it's over
The only rule:
Napalm to posers

Napalm to Posers!

What do you know
Of integrity
Spare all your bullshit
You're a worm to me
Show no mercy
For these sore losers
Burn them alive
Napalm to posers
Track Name: Fuck All Tribute Bands
You talentless fucks
Without own ideas
Hugry for fame
You pay no royalties

Die you cunts
You wortless piece of shits
I hope your mothers
Will have cancer in their tits

Fuck all tribute bands
Except for Bömbers
Fuck each and every tribute band!
Track Name: Störmlighter
We attack in the darkness with the guidance of your light
Bludgeoning every bastard who resists us tonight
Set them on fire with your ever-scorching heat
Victory is ours now, we accept no defeat

Assist us on our hunt
Grant us triumph

Mightly cast in steel, you hold the power of the flame
Keep our spirits high through roaring thunder and rain
Blazing in the hail of our enemies' blood
Showing us the path across intestines and mud

Destroy them on your devastating pyre
See their flesh roast is our greatest desire
You give us strength to march forward without fear
Mosh on their corpses while drinking ice cold beer

Omnipotent being
Eternal force
Fearful existence
Diabolic source

Assist us on our hunt
Grant us triumph

Track Name: Ancient Häte
Frustration building up inside
For centuries being restrained
Can't take this any longer
Time to unleash the Ancient Hate

Ancient Hate

Let our wrath strike down on them
No quarter for their weak kind
Tie them up with their guts hanging
No one can stop the insane mind
Track Name: Rottenkiller 62
Invade the street with a dreaded fame
Bearing the most gruesome name
Door 61, number of the beast
Bring your own booze for the feast
Worship the 80's and alcohol
Smash the place, puke on the floor
Rouse the night with dire noise
Let us hear your fucking voice

RottenKiller 62
Your mother is a prostitute
RottenKiller 62
Spread repulsive attitude

Gathering of bastard scum
All is wasted, sober are none
Spitting on the public taste
Rearranging your face
Unholy den of debauchery
Church of trash and blasphemy
Bloody ground, walls of black
From here there’s no turning back

RottenKiller 62
Your mother is a prostitute
RottenKiller 62
Spread repulsive attitude

Drink and smoke and have a blast
Kick your motherfuckin' ass
Track Name: Reverence & Glory
We protect metal from any threat
Mop the floor with those who show no respect
Loyal to oldschool
Dirty and raw
You pussies better know
Thrash metal is the law

No regrets
And no apologies
No lust for gratitude
From twats and wannabees!

Kill the posers, shoot 'em up
Reverence & Glory
Corporate music fucking sucks
Reverence & Glory
Underground until the death
Reverence & Glory
Major labels, kiss my ass
Reverence & Glory

Always be true, never sell out to none
Make a record deal, and you are fucking done
Max out distortion and overdrive
Alcohol fueled frenzy will never die

Doing out of humbleness
Not for fame or money
In eternal dedication
to oldschool's glory!